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Oil and gas group diversifies, rebrands

A collective of Taranaki companies that joined forces to collaborate on oil and gas work has grown its mission, and is already applying its diverse skills to the broader energy and industrial sectors.

The Oil and Gas Specialist Technologies (OGST), a collaboration of 24 companies, was established in 2002 with the assistance of Venture Taranaki. Since then it has focused on securing a range of engineering contracts for the region, with some significant results across the oil and gas sector.

Recognising the challenges that low oil prices are placing on the industry, OGST has now become the Energy and Industrial Group, broadening its focus both nationally and internationally as part of the process.

“This is about much more than applying a new name and a new logo,” says group chair Colin Fromont, of the Amtec group of companies. “There is a substantial engineering and skill base resident in Taranaki, with global experience and innovative solutions that are applied in many industries. Our aim is to communicate our collective capabilities loud and clear.”

The Oil and Gas Specialist Technologies Group was first formed during the early stages of Taranaki’s energy sector, and the move is seen as a logical evolution of the group, whose member companies have been central to almost every major oil and gas project completed in the region, and many beyond it.

“Fifteen years ago, there were very few service companies and even fewer exploration and production companies in Taranaki. The OGST group was formed with a handful of service companies and over the years has grown substantially alongside the oil and gas industry,” says Anne Probert, Venture Taranaki’s general manager, economy and sector development, who has been part of the group from inception.

“The companies have built an enviable track record of servicing regional, national and global energy companies, meeting or exceeding their exacting standards. They are now exporting their services, skills, capabilities and systems, especially project management and health and safety, to other countries and other industries. The collaboration that has evolved over the years whilst still retaining their oil and gas specialist function, now extends to the transferability of those skill sets and the potential it offers”.

“The national economy could benefit from some of the high standards and specific experience we have honed in the oil and gas sector, and there are some really strong opportunities for the group’s skills to add value to almost all other industries,” agrees Colin. “There are universal capabilities born in oil and gas that are in growing demand around the country, such as excellence in health and safety culture, high quality resource and equipment delivery and technical innovation. Many of our member companies already operate in a diverse range of sectors and as a group we’d like to up our game to reflect this and make ourselves more visible in energy and industrial processing industries such as geothermal, power generation and distribution, infrastructure, water treatment, food processing, chemical manufacture etc.”

The group have recently promoted their skills at the Water NZ Conference, one of the largest conference and exhibitions in New Zealand, and this month are heading to the New Zealand Geothermal Conference – with the Energy and Industrial Group being a key sponsor.

“It’s not just about securing more work for Taranaki businesses, there are some of our members working in other New Zealand and international locations” Anne says. “A second critical strategy in diversifying the focus of the group is to ensure our region retains the specialist skilled people we need to continue to service our oil and gas industry, and to have the capacity and capability to scale up for their major projects and undertake critical shutdown work.”

“These skills are an important part of both the Taranaki and New Zealand economies, and actively pursuing their transferability in other industries will help to retain jobs as well as leverage new frontiers.”

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Members: BecaAmec, AMTEC Group, BTW Company, Bridon Cookes, Deugro, EHL Group, ECL, Entec, Gough Power Systems, Govett Quilliam, A S Harrison, Hooker Pacific, Intergroup; IPL, LogiCamms, Marshall Day Acoustics, MB Century, MRC Global, Nexans, Offshore Solutions, OSD, Port Taranaki, SGS, Wood Group. Venture Taranaki (founder and facilitator)

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